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Trade Performance Index (by Sector): Afghanistan (2016)

  Indicator's DescriptionFresh food
Fresh food
N Number of exporting countries for the ranking in the sector177 
G1 Value of exports (in thousand US$)581,157 
G2 Export growth in value, p.a. (%)32%4
General ProfileG3 Share in national exports (%)73% 
G4 Share in national imports (%)9% 
G5 Relative trade balance (%)12% 
G6 Relative unit value (world average = 1)0.8 
P1 Net exports (in thousand US$)132,34562
P2 Per capita exports US$/inhabitant)16.8149
P3 Share in world market (%)0.08%91
Position in 2016 for Current IndexP4aProduct diversification (N° of equivalent products)1343
P4bProduct concentration (Spread) 42
P5aMarket diversification (N° of equivalent markets)2154
P5bMarket concentration (Spread) 153
C1 Relative change of world market share p.a (%)45.3400% 
C1aCompetitiveness effect, p.a. (%)16.1900%18
Change 2012 - 2016 for Change IndexC1bInitial geographic specialisation, p.a. (%)3.2400%13
C1cInitial product specialisation, p.a. (%)10.4800%7
C1dAdaptation effect, p.a. (%)15.4300%11
C2 Matching with dynamics of world demand 138
A Absolute change of world market share (% points p.a)0.0111%27
Indicators included in chartP Average Index: Current Index 60
C Average Index: Change Index 98